Private Equity and Venture Capital (Pty. Ltd.)

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Our value proposition


Our main goal is to assist businesses achieve their ambitions for growth by providing them with access to financial assistance, strategic advice, management and information at critical stages of their development. We aim to achieve this overarching objective by:

  1. Building a portfolio of businesses that we will continuously manage and ensure profitability and sustainability.

  2. Investing in already operational businesses that have a potential for growth.

  3. Quantify the job creation aspect of the business and empowerment.

  4. Forming partnerships with small business owners and ensuring long term sustainability by facilitating training and development.

  5. Developing networks and reputation with retail and institutional investors.

  6. Aligning with government strategic priorities for economic growth & development and job creation.

  7. Aggressively targeting black youth owned companies for development(Youth development and employment creation)

  8. Investing in research and development of a business from a conceptual phase to enable growth prospects and opportunities.

  9. Transferring skills and capability to the businesses being developed

  10. Putting proper exit strategy in place to realise long term sustainability