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About Us



  1. Kgatelopele Venture Capital and Private Equity Pty (Ltd) is a 100% black owned firm that seeks to invest in a variety of businesses

  2. The name Kgatelopele is derived from a seTswana phrase meaning “taking a step forward to realise success “

  3. The firm focuses primarily on private equity and venture capital asset classes.

  4. The firm targets mostly black under-developed businesses that have a potential for growth if supported.

  5. The firm seeks out companies with potential for growth and with the main aim to raise capital, put in talent and strategy needed to permanently strengthen the company and raise its value.

  6. Kgatelopele aims to start, develop and manage businesses from short to long term.

  7. The firm will raise capital from retail and institutional investors.

  8. Kgatelopele will form partnerships with SMMEs, without the owners relinquishing control of their businesses.

  9. Kgatelopele will be actively involved in the management and operations of the business, and where a specialised skill is required, the company will outsource and manage

  10. The firm supports invest in employment opportunities and skills development.


Fiber of the organization



To become a leading venture capital and private equity firm in South Africa through robust investments in businesses with vast potential to provide good returns to shareholders.


  1. To invest in businesses that have a potential for growth in the short to long term.

  2. To start, incubate, grow and continuously manage businesses to become profitable over time.

  3. To persistently seek investment opportunities in a variety of market sectors and build sound portfolio of sustainable and profitable business ventures.

  4. To aggressively drive empowerment and employment opportunities for the previously disadvantaged through investment primarily focusing in skill development and training.


  • - Integrity
  • - Respect for the individual
  • - Reliability
  • - Honesty
  • - Trust
  • - Humility
  • - Compassion
  • - Unassuming

Level 3

Kgatelopele is a level 3 B-BBEE contributor.