Private Equity and Venture Capital (Pty. Ltd.)

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Our service offerings at various stages of development


Start-up support
  1. Idea generation
  2. Concept development
  3. Concept evaluation
  4. Value proposition development
  5. Feasibility studies
  6. Bankable Business Plan development
  7. Company valuations
  8. Due diligence
  9. Obtaining funding
Growth phase support (Non-financial)
  1. Business advise (legal, marketing, financial)
  2. Governance structures
  3. Technical assistance (as and when required)
  4. PR and communication
  5. Technology development support
  6. Branding

Sustainability realisation phase
  1. Skills and capability building
  2. Research and business development
  3. Access to funding facilitation
  4. Provision of strategic management and development.
  5. Business advisory
  6. Facilitation of training and development.

Economic Development Services

  • Localisation
    We work with the public sector to structure their procurement spend in order to achieve the maximum impact on local economic development – be it through procurement from local suppliers thus increasing local content, promotion of skills development, technology transfer, job creation, developing local suppliers and expansion or formation of new industries.

    We also assist suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) structure their responses to government tender proposals and implement proposed economic developmental solutions, thus ensuring tender requirements are successfully met.

  • Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBBE) Scorecard
    We assist organisations with solutions to maximize their contributions towards these components of the B-BBEE scorecard:
    • Preferential Procurement
    • Enterprise Development
    • Socio-Economic Development

  • Local Economic Development (LED) Strategies for Municipalities
    We utilize recognized methodologies to undertake LED studies, develop practical strategies and implementation of plans and assist with the monitoring and evaluation (M&E)

  • Target Market and Clientele
    • Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme
    • Corporates and SMEs
    • Mining Companies
    • Shale gas Fracking Community Upliftment Programmes
    • Public Sector Tenderers
    • Municipalities/Government